Company Background

Founded in 1990, Pangaea has more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, during which the telecom networks have evolved from 2G to 4G, and 5G transformation is underway.

Pangaea plays an important role in the supply chain of the telecom and datacom connectivity industry. We serve as a channel partner of our suppliers and a co-design partner of our customers. We are able to help our customers to design and build custom solutions, offer a diverse portfolio of innovative network connectivity products and provide complementary value-added services, which improve efficiency, enhance performance and drive down costs.

The scope of our services includes collaborating with our customers to provide : (i) specified sourcing and selection of components; (ii) solution development and product application design; (iii) bridging for the access of technologies between suppliers and customers; (iv) lab testing, design and verification; (v) supporting for next generation product development; (vi) technical knowhow and talent to achieve customers’ design at the optimal performance and reliability levels and satisfaction; and (vii) pre-and post-sales services and follow up.

Pangaea offers connectivity products covering wireless microwave network; optical network from access to metro to regional and long haul; data center and commercial networks for cellular, fixed, personal and private usage. We also offer a broad portfolio of WiFi and IoT products.

The end applications of our products can primarily be categorized into: (i) telecom infrastructure; (ii) data centers: (iii) small cell (iv) IoT and network connectivity applications and (v) commercial lasers.

Pangaea has a professional engineering team with extensive technical knowledge from component level to network level. Led by Mr. Jun Fukaya, a Japanese microwave expert, we have an established application laboratory in Shenzhen for reference solution design, device customization, tuning & testing and analysis. We are able to offer expert advice and support to customers so as to meet their design requirements and design window.

The following diagram sets forth our position in the value chain of the telecom and datacom connectivity industry :