Global Logistics Support
Value-added Logistics Services

Efficient logistics management is one of the key factors for success. It includes the integration of information flow, materials handling, packaging, inventory management, transportation, warehousing and security.
Pangaea’s logistics services are certified by ISO9001-2015. The Company has a global network of third party logistics providers (3PL). We can offer customized logistics solution and timely reports to our customers and thus enables products delivered to production lines efficiently and without error.
Our centralized hub is located in Hong Kong with a team of well-experienced logistics and warehouse talents. There is also a team of staff who has demonstrated experience in global trade compliance.
As a result of our investment in automation and partnership with 3PL, we are capable to offer a broad range of services including:
Tailor Made Logistics Solutions for Customers
Stringent Trade Compliance Program
Same Day Services
JIT Deliveries
In Bound and Out Bound Transportation
Consolidation of Products from Different Locations
Consolidated Freight and Deliveries
Customized Labels & Re-Packaging
Lot Code and Date Code Management
Automated In and Out Goods Inspection Program
Reports on Logistics Performance Indicators