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Wireless Application Laboratory

Pangaea has its own Wireless Application Lab in Shenzhen, the main technology hub of our group in the PRC, where we can develop reference designs, manufacture demo board and, do device test and troubleshooting.

The lab is led by Mr. Jun Fukaya who is an expert in the microwave technology and has ample experience in semiconductor products and microwave devices.

The current testing capability of our existing test benches covers L-, S-, C-, X- and Ku-band, which enables us to conduct testing on modules deployed in 4G, 5G and Satcom with frequency band up to 18 GHz.

In line with the 5G development roadmap, testing benches for high frequency range and millimeter waves will be installed, including new testing benches covering Ka-band and small cell. Moreover, as narrowband-IoT and envelope tracking technologies are widely used in base stations and IoT applications, and OTA chamber is needed for beam characterization and for checking beam acquisition and beam tracking performance, the Company will equip also all these facilities in the Wireless Application Lab in order to enhance the in-house testing capability.

Following are the focuses of our 5G projects:

  • Massive MIMO
  • 5G massive multi-input multi-out BTS include baseband unit (BBU) and radio remote unit (RRU); RRU can be configured to communicate with a BBU via fiber communication link and can communicate with a wireless mobile device via an air interface.
    End Application: Telecom Infra – 5G Base Station, IoT & Connectivity Solution

  • Small Cell BTS
  • Small cells are low-powered radio access nodes that operate in licensed and unlicensed spectrum that have a range of 10 meters to 1 or 2 km. Small cells can be used to provide in-building and outdoor wireless service. Mobile operators use small cells to extend their service coverage and/or to increase network capacity.
    End Application: Telecom Infra – 5G Base Station, 5G Small Cell, Satcom

  • Fronthaul Radio
  • Connection between the RRU (remote radio unit) and the BBU (baseband unit)
    End Application: Telecom Infra – 5G Base Station, 5G Small Cell

  • Backhaul Radio
  • Connection between the BBU and the core network
    End Application: Telecom Infra – 5G Base Station, Satcom, Point to Point, IoT

  • IoT Connectivity Solution
  • Wireless Communication and Connection
    End Application: Consumer, Infrastructure, IoT, Wifi Connectivity etc. such as Utility, Automotive, Medical, IoT, Cellular Infrastructure Network Access, Smart Meters & Wearings etc.