Commercial Lasers

Glass Cutting

Glass Cutting

Laser Marking

Glass Drilling

Glass Cutting

PCB Cutting

PCB Cutting

Carbon Fiber Cutting

Pangaea has an in-house Commercial Lasers Application Lab in Shenzhen, there is an experienced team of technical staff in the lab with installations of high quality laser sources, testing platform and equipment. We are capable of making recommendations to customers on the laser technology direction and develop suitable applications and solutions that can meet customer’s requirements.

Picosecond/Femtosecond Laser

  • Glass and brittle transparent material cutting
  • Fine micromachining, high process control and no heat generation include surface structuring
  • Metal trace cutting, photoresist removal or color filter for repair of LCD panels without HAZ
  • Scribing and dicing of OLED and LED

  • Nanosecond Q-Switched DPSS

  • Apply in micro-processing of semiconductor wafers
  • Cutting of sapphire and other substrates of OLEDs and LED
  • Microvia drilling and cutting of flex board or glass-based PCB
  • Drilling, cutting and structuring of ceramics, thin-film patterning and selective removal

  • Low Power CW Lasers

  • Apply in metrology, biotechnology and research

  • Manufacturers