Industrial Lasers

  • Picosecond/Femtosecond Laser

    - IR, green, UV Pico and femtosecond
    - Microprocessing applications

  • Nanosecond Q-Switched DPSS

    - UV and green nanosecond lasers Microprocessing
    - 10—100’s KHZ rep rates
    - Up to 40W UV

  • Low Power CW Lasers
    A wide selection of gas and CW DPSS lasers

    Gas Lasers
    Air-cooled argon-ion laser
    Visible multi and single lines including 488nm, up to 75mw
    Helium-neon lasers
    632.8nm, up to 10’s mw

    CW Solid State
    Direct and fiber-coupled, low noise, compact solid state laser technologies with a selection of wavelengths in the near IR and visible spectrum 10’s-100’s mw

    Compact diode-pumped, solid state, picosecond laser UV 100 MHZ repetition rate (quasi-cw) Up to 150mw

  • Microchip Laser

    - Ultrashort pulses deep into the sub-ns with durations as low as 100ps
    - Excellent beam quality (gaussian, TEM00, M²≤1.2)

  • Powerchip Laser

    - Hight peak power up to 200kW per pulse
    - Excellent beam quality (gaussian, TEM00, M²≤1.2)