Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) supports four times higher network bandwidth and user concurrency compared to Wi-Fi 5. This helps to improve the speed of upload and download and facilitates an enhanced coverage, higher efficiency and low power consumption.

Pangaea offers a broad range of Wi-Fi products. We have a team of well- experienced engineers with expertise in Wi-Fi technologies. Our position is not only to offer products to our customers but also to perform as a design partner and develop various Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for our customers.

Our Wi-Fi solutions cover various segment including industrial, commercial and consumer. With the availability of our in-house Application Lab, we can manufacture evaluation board, customize line up design and provide reference solution design to our customers. Testing, debugging and tuning according to different Wi-Fi standards and specifications can also be conducted inside our Lab. This creates an advantage for our customers for the shortening of their R&D cycle and thus helps to accelerate the solution and product to a commercial level.

Pangaea supplies a broad portfolio of global leading Wi-Fi connectivity products that address all different Wi-Fi standards and frequency range. The modules facilitate Wi-Fi functionality with best-in-class linearity and performance, support dynamic ranges, low power consumption and improved thermal management.

Wi-Fi 5 Router Block Diagram

Wi-Fi 6/6E Router Block Diagram

Wi-Fi 7 Router Block Diagram