ROADM and Wavelength Management

  • Wavelength Selective Switches

    Pangaea provides various solutions for optical transport that can support wavelength switching, preamplification, postamplification and channel monitoring. Telecom Carriers can enhance the flexibility of wavelength management, ease the administration and maintenance workload.

    The wavelength selective switches are equipped with the most advance Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) technology. The granular spectrum can be as low as 6.25GHz and it supports all transmission data rates from 10Gb/s, 100Gb/s, 400Gb/s or super-channels in order to improve the spectral efficiency and lower the running cost.

    The WSS comes with single or twin within a module supports from 9 ports, 20 ports and up to 35 ports covering C-band, L-band or C+L Band. They are colorless/directionless (CD) to extend their network flexibility, meet route-and-select configurations which allow drop-path filtering and improve port isolation.

    -Single 1x9 Wavelength Selective Switch
    -Twin 1x20 Wavelength Selective Switch
    -Twin 1x35 Wavelength Selective Switch

    The latest colorless/directionless/contentionless (CDC) Twin 8x24 Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) is also available. This innovative solution empowers effortless scalability through increased add/drop ports, eliminates the cost of Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) arrays with its efficient design, and ensures pristine signal quality through built-in wavelength filtering, all contributing to a future-proofed network with enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness.

  • White Box

    White box is a ready-to-go solution. An operator can build N-degree ROADM node by connecting N white boxes. The white box that adopted the WSS which supports 6.25HZ bandwidth setting granularity. Different channel spacings are supported. Pre-amplification and post-amplification are included and monitored by the pre-installed optical channel monitor (OCM). All the parameters and configuration can be read or changed by remote commands.

    -White Box with Twin 1x9/1x20/1x32 WSS

  • Block Diagram of White Box

  • Optical Channel Monitor (OCM)

    Pangaea provides optical channel monitor which support high-performance, flexible-spectrum WDM network up to four ports. It can scan mixed channels routed through sophisticated optical mesh networks. This monitor has fast response time. All ports are scanned simultaneously with high agree accuracy.

    This is an ideal monitor to be integrated in the ROADM linecard or white box. The monitor data is a good reference to WSS’s setting and manage the pre-amplifiers and the post-amplifiers on board.

  • EDFA Pump Laser

    Pangaea provides a broad line of pump lasers for optical channel amplification. The 980nm pump laser is used with erbium-doped fiber to amplify the optical signal. There are different operating power levels from 100mW to 1600mW. Some models are semi-cooled at 45°C. The packaging form factors are ranging from ultra-small co-axial or box type to high power butterfly modules. All modules meet stringent telecommunications industry standards, such as GR-468-CORE for hermetic 980nm pump modules.

    -340mW Fiber Bragg Grating Stabilized 980nm Pump Modules
    -9xx Multimode Pump Lasers