Tunable Transceiver

Tunable Optical Transceiver Modules

  • 10G 40km DWDM Narrow-band Tunable SFP+

    This module is designed to operate at transmission rates from 1Gbps to 11.3Gbps, compatible with multiple network applications and transmission formats: CPRI, OTN, Fiber Channel, etc. Hot pluggable, and with narrow band tunability, it significantly reduces sparing and configuring costs in optical networks. The module is optimized for Local Area Networks (LAN), Mobile Fronthaul and 10G Ethernet (10GbE), over single-mode fiber (SMF) optical links, P2P and passive networks.

  • 10G 80km DWDM Full-band Tunable SFP+
  • 25G 15km DWDM Full-band Tunable SFP+