Base Station

Mobile phones rely on a network of base stations to transmit and receive calls and other mobile services including wireless broadband, mobile TV and video calling etc. Thus, base stations need to be operated and set close to mobile users to support good quality communication. In the new era of 5G, when 5G networks are working in conjunction with 4G networks, massive MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) base stations that have very large numbers of antenna elements or connections to transmit and receive more data at the same time becomes paramount important. Pangaea provides products with the presence of latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) substrate manufacturing technology for micro cell, a greater power density and optimized package for wide band application with lower frequency dispersion lead that give greater advantage to support the 5G massive MIMO base station requirements. And with the support of advanced packaging technology for plastic driver which enhances greater protection coat on die for automated assembly and gives better moisture resistance die structure, the product size and cost is largely reduced to fit on the huge investment on the number of massive MIMO antennas.

With the presence of our in-house Wireless Application Lab, we have experienced engineering team helping to bring the latest GaN products and technologies to customers and support them throughout the whole R&D and production process.

5G Massive MIMO Diagram