Small Cell

Small cell is a key enabler of 5G, it is cost effective, easy to deploy and has the function of filling the network coverage gap. With the explosion of mobile data traffic, expansion of IoT devices and new applications, small cell offers both efficient and effective solutions for better coverage and interaction with networks.

Pangaea offers a broad portfolio of small cell solution and products that support data capacity increases of wireless networks in the home, at the office and across commercial, retail and outdoor public areas. We have a team of well-experienced engineers with expertise in small cell technologies.

Our engineering team can help to bring the latest technology to our customers and bridge the technological gap for them throughout the whole R&D and production processes.

With the support from our in-house Application Lab, we can provide reference solution design, manufacture EVB and conduct various test, evaluation and verification inside the Lab. This becomes Pangaea’s competitive advantage for not only helping our customers to accelerate the product development cycle, but also offer small cell solutions with the characteristics of high efficiency, better reliability, high gain, wide coverage and at low operating cost.

5G Small Cell Diagram