Data Center

Data centers are centralized locations where networking and computing equipment is connected and concentrated for collecting, storing, processing, distributing and accessing to large amounts of data. The key components at data center include routers, switches, storage systems and servers etc. Data center ranged from small size to mega size. The network design is on layers including the core layer, aggregation layer and access layer.

Structure of Data Center

Pangaea provides below Data Center solutions:

For Short Reach (<300m) optical transceivers and AOC:

  • 25G/100G NRZ laser driver/CDR, 200G/400G PAM4 laser driver/CDR
  • 25G/100G NRZ TIA/CDR, 200G/400G PAM4 TIA/CDR

  • For optical transceivers with reach (>500m and up to 40km) :

  • 100G NRZ laser driver/CDR, 200G/400G PAM4 EML & Si-Ph laser driver
  • 100G NRZ TIA/CDR, 200G/400G PAM4 TIA
  • Lasers: 100G CWDM4, 100G LWDM4, high power CW lasers for Si-Ph (100G DR1 & 400G DR4)
  • APD/PIN: 25G APD chip and various type of COC, 56G PIN
  • DSP: 100G EML DSP & 50G DML DSP

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